Recycle with Us

Together in Hope thinks you may have something we need: used inkjet cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics. We'd love to recycle those for you. Through our trusted greening partner FundingFactory, we can turn your recyclables into much-needed cash for victims of Typhoon Haiyan which devastated the Philippines in December.

Will you recycle with us? It's easy and 100% free. We earn through the value of your used recyclables. Our eco-friendly Support Program is a cinch to implement. Simply put out a few boxes to collect recyclables and spend a few minutes packing items for shipment or dropping them off to us.

Plus, it doesn't cost a dime. FundingFactory provides everything you need from prepaid UPS shipping to boxes and promotional materials, all available for free by delivery or download. It's win-win. As a Supporter, you'll have the ability to vastly increase the amount of e-waste we recycle and the amount of money we fund raise each year.It's win-win.

With over 300 million cartridges thrown away last year alone, this presents a great opportunity to raise funds. Let’s make this recycling program a huge success by working together to collect as many empty cartridges, cell phones, small electronics, and laptops as we can.

Through the sustainability tools http://www.fundingfactory.com/goals/?id=TIH you can track your environmental impact and even measure the charitable difference you're making at Together in Hope. Become a Business Supporter today and help Together in hope reach our goal. Visit http://www.fundingfactory.com/goals/?id=TIH to join our greening efforts or for more information.