Diane McGehee : Founder and Executive Director

Diane McGehee founded Together in Hope with her husband Jack. Diane first heard the call to the work of justice for marginalized communities, when as a small girl, she clung to her father's hand as together they watched the Ku Klux Klan burn a cross on the front yard of their small house in Milledgeville, Georgia, because of her father's involvement in the civil rights movement in the early 1960's. That call to justice continues as she works with Together in Hope to help communities find a future with hope.

Jack McGehee : Co founder and Director

Jack McGehee founded Together in Hope with his wife Diane out of a firm conviction that the poverty in this world should not exist, especially not among the world's children. Jack believes that it could be eliminated one community at a time if we all worked together in hope to bring change in the lives of those who live at the margins of society. By founding Together in Hope, Jack seeks to fight against the wrong of poverty and to fight for the right of honoring the dignity and worth of every human being by working to ensure that all people have sufficient resources to not only survive, but also to thrive.

Laura Power : Program Director

Laura Power joined Together in Hope at the beginning of 2011 to take on her current role of improving established projects, developing new programs, and operating as liaison between our organization and the communities in which we work. Laura is a founding member of Irish sister organization, Youth Release, which works with orphaned and vulnerable children in Ethiopia. Laura has worked in developing communities around the world, including Hungary, Ethiopia, the Philippines, El Salvador and Ireland.